Saturday, May 28, 2011


Note to all!

After contemplating for many many years, I have decided to move to wordpress!
Too many spams in blogger, limitations of not able to privatise and lock up postes has prompted the move.
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Will be blogging from there in the future.
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Post GE 2011

I know probably all my friends are sick and tired of me going on and on about the political scene in Singapore.

Hey, you ought to do a conclusion right? So please allow me to.

I blogged in 2006 during the GE period hoping that someone would contest in my area.
My wish was granted when Reform Party came to contest.

Congratulations to WP for clenching Aljunied GRC as well as Hougang and for the rest of the Singapore belongs to PAP. All parties and candidates put up with a good fight.
Although we have lost GY in the process, we gained 5 potential and credible MPs.
Well, it is politics, you cannot have the best of both world.

Internet, love by most, hated by one.
It offers an awesome communication platform with fast, almost immediate responses.
At least it allows us to see things in different views rather than one-sided reports from the controlled state of media.
It opened our mind to new information we never realise before.
Kudos to the greatest creation, Internet.

Final result of 60.14% to the PAP while the balance of valid votes went to alternatives parties.
I must say I am satisfied with the result.
This is a better representative of the statistics as compared to the last GE for almost half of the constitutes being walked over.
It is a good sign, things are changing gradually, it is a result of us maturing as a society.
You cannot expect a total revolution change of political scene in Singapore.
Most Singaporeans who belongs to the sandwich class living in the comfort zone.
Yes, you do feel the frustrations from the government sometimes but ultimately most times, one would rather fall back on something that they feel comfortable with rather than stepping out of the comfort zone to venture or rather they could need a little more motivation and conviction to change.
A point to note, not everyone is adaptable to changes, risk takers
You also need to consider there will be a portion who are just simply apathetic, whether we like it or not.

I always believe that without competition, people will tend to be complacent.
We were taught to be competitive since young.
They had to rank us, streaming us into different classes base on our gradings. Even in the corporate world, there are strong competitions too, the ultimate benefit the consumers.
If it applies to us, why not the government too?
After all, we are all here to make Singapore into a better place, it will benefit us, the Singaporeans.

From this GE, I think it is very heartening to see Gen-Y people suddenly become so aware of the political scene here, expressing their own views publicly, taking up ownership of Singapore. I am proud of my fellow Singaporeans.

This is a crucial 5 years for Singapore.
Everyone's keeping a close watch on the the ruling party, every wrong move will probably be attacked by most.
It is also the time for WP to prove their worth.
As for other alternative parties, they will become stronger in the next 5 years with credential Singaporeans coming forward I am sure.
The next election will definitely be a more exciting one with all the experiences they gained from this.

Moving forward, let's us all be united as one Singapore.

Monday, May 02, 2011

GE 2011

With the election day getting closer, things are getting more exciting as each day pass.

With utmost respect I have for MM Lee and the old guards bringing us to where we are today, I am utterly most disappointed and disgusted with his remark which warned the voters of Aljunied that they will regret their decision if they choose to vote for WP.
The respect I have for him is decreasing with such threats. Regret, Repent. Right.
It only proves that he have no confidence in George Yeo and his team to win the GRC that is why he had to resort to this method.

With that, they say politics are dirty business.
Even SM Goh had to stoop low enough to personal attacked on his ex-subordinate. With great vision, I am sure Tan Jee Say's plan is workable, although I would love to ask him a couple of question on the action plans.
I have always respect SM Goh, I think he has done a good job leading Singapore back then but by slamming people only make people who respect him lose respect and it only make him look bad. Bad that we were once led by such leader.
SDP must thank you for the free publicity!

Under PAP's ruling, we became a highly masculine society for we were taught to focus on academic results, numbers, rankings, success, status and staying competitive. We were too driven in these areas so much so that we forgotten to strike a balance between the masculine and feminine side of the society, such as quality of life, showing more compassion for our community, forging of real relationships with people. Money, being number 1, having the highest GDP, status are not the only things worth celebrating about. We forgotten the very basic instinct of life. If only we can all show a little more compassion towards our community, instead of being kiasu and kiasi, we can start to build a more gracious Singapore. A Singapore where each and everyone cared for one another.

The above paragraph was very much inspired by Dr. Vincent Wijeysingha who make great speeches during the rallies. Each time, he inspires me, taught me a little more.

Attended 3 rallies, going for the 4th one tomorrow.
When they said you can only see Singaporeans come together united and patriotic during NDP, i say, the unity and bond are even stronger during the rallies.
That is where you see the passion, the vision and spirit of Singaporeans.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

CNY 2011

I know the next public holiday will be here in 2 days time and here I am posting the CNY entry. Ha....
You know me, the biggest procrastinator of all. =x


Had reunion dinner at Raffles Country Club with maternal side of the family.

Our 8 course dinner.
Pardon the lousy quality of photos because I forgot to bring out my camera that day.

Getting ready to 捞鱼生.

3.2.1. GO!

Jasmine and Gabriel

Cousin Kenneth.

Jasmine and Aunt Evelyn.


No, this is not the 全家福 yet.

Ta-dah~ this is the 全家福 minusing away a few who cannot make it to the dinner.

It was a very simple affair. There is no reunion dinner rush like those restaurant with 一场接着一场 kind.
It was nice seeing everybody once again because I am definitely not a regular at Ah Gong's place every Saturday. Heh...

Oh yeah, the wheelchair which Gong Gong sat on was 'borrowed' from NUH because he was admitted the day itself due to some low blood count or something. 4th Aunt went to fetch him from hospital to reunion dinner and send him back at night. He is all well now.
Funny to see how we alight from the car with a wheelchair tagged NUH, as though we steal one from them.

Counted my 2010's CNY red packet. Had a bet with Sicong last year that we could only open this CNY. So there you go.
A few red coloured notes lesser than him. Gr~
I put up with a good fight considering that I had a loss of 'income' last year. Ha..

1st day of CNY

Wore my super red dress from F21.
I wonder when is the next time I have the courage to wear it out again. Ha!

1st stop was to Ah Gong's place in the morning then to paternal side to 拜年.
This year paternal CNY gathering was held at 3rd uncle's place.

2nd 鱼生 for the CNY.

The after-state.

With our little niece, Kylee.
She was no longer the latest addition to the family because Katie came along 2 weeks before CNY.

The random pictures of the cousins.

I complained feedback that I look short in the photo so I insist us taking another one.

Heh.. I stood on a stool. =x

With WanPing.

It's not true that I only have female cousins.
The males are all too shy to take photos!

Had dinner at Grand uncle's place before heading home.
Love dining there every CNY because all my aunts are really great cook!
It runs in the genes of the family because according to my mum, my uncle was a great cook back then.

2nd day of CNY

Paired up a F21 top with a black shorts from Cotton On.

Went Sister's house with parents to visit Matthew and Katie before making my way to BaoXin's place to 拜年.

I was the first to arrive, waiting for the rest.

Moved on to Sicong's place after testing our ban-lat luck for the year.

We, the hardcore gamblers gambling away.
So much so that the whole block power tripped at 3am in the morning, we simply took our our mobiles, turn on the flashlights and continue gambling. Haha...
Amazing aren't we? Lol.

Hardcore enough to gamble for more than 6 hours before making our way to eat breakfast before heading home.

3rd day of CNY

Wore this 12 bucks romper to watch Green Hornet with BaoXin at Jurong Point that evening.

4th day of CNY

Outfit from Cotton On and paired with a scarf I bought from Thailand a year ago.

1st stop was SzeHui's house for lunch prepared by her mum.

The yummy yummy food!

As it was a few days more to SzeYing's birthday, her friends bought her a birthday cake and surprised her.

SzeYing and Poh Mama.

Apart from her friends, Daphne bought her a cake too!

The birthday girl.

Family portraits.

Have you notice how they are looking into different cameras. *tsk*
Case of losing focal point with many cameras flashing in front of them.

SzeYing and friends.

SzeYing and us.

In order to feel her youthfulness, we resort to doing this.

Poh Mama and I with our Agnes B bag.
Good choice!

The 3 ladies in different shades of pink.

Dinner at Daphne's place.

All the spicy food, awesome max!

Thank you for all the delicious food! =)

5th day of CNY

My new outfit to work!


It's a tradition to invite lion dance to the company.

Went Vivo to meet up with my Tus for our reunion dinner.

Since I was there early, popped down to F21 to try on some clothes. Heh...

Steamboat dinner at Bei Shang Chuan.

Before the feast started!

Rifang stole my fried chicken wing but I don't blame her because one of the job of being a good friend is to share those fats with you! Heehee~

And the feast began.

A group shot of us before we left.

6th day of CNY

Wore my F21 dress to work.
It's clearly big for me, so there is room for expansion! Heehee.... =X

We had our department lou hei lunch.

7th day of CNY

Dinner at Thai Express.

Soft shell crab.

Beef with basil leaves.

Ready to dig in.

9th day of CNY

Layered with a new HVV top and Joop skirt for work.

10th day of CNY

Dress from Agirlslabel, I think I bought it at a pretty good deal. Heh...

Met up with Gabriel and friends for dinner and movie.
Dinner at Cathay's Aston.

Medium rare prime rib eye with house salad and onion rings.

Caught Big Big World and Plaza Singapura before going home.

Erm, yes. That's me.

14th day of CNY

Lou Hei dinner with the department and principals at Seafood Paradise located at Singapore Flyer.

The really yummy food. I enjoyed my dinner very much.

We had a total of 4 tables that day.

The table I was with.

I love how my decent point and shoot camera can perform to such standard.

A really old school swing which reminds me of the time I spent at Ah Ma's place when I was younger, the fun I had with my other cousins. Aw~

That's all for my 2011's CNY. Yeah, let's move on to other entries.
In the mean time, I need to battle with 3 papers this semester.
Wish me the best of luck because I know I will need it, a lot of it!
Till then.

In the mean time, more exciting news which I am pretty much into these days is GE2011.
Heh... nomination day on 27 April and polling day falls on 7th May, which is the day of my GM paper. Hate it hate it.
I wish I get to see some good rallies this year. Anybody interested to go along???